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Royal Jerry

royal jerry

Royal Jerry, the bee has long been respected for the honey it produces. Last century scientists and doctors recognised the tremendous nutritional value ofRoyalJelly - “bee’s milk”.

High qualityroyaljelly from New Zealand.

Daily recommended dose is 1000mg RoyalJellyis the white milky substance produced in the glands of the worker bees and fed to the queen bee. Each worker bee has three separate glands; one to produce honey, another to convert honey into wax and the third to produceRoyalJelly. All bee larvae are fedRoyalJelly for the first three days and then the workers are fed on a solution of pollen and nectar. The queen only is fedRoyalJelly throughout her life. She lives four to five years in comparison to the worker who lives forty to fifty days. She grows to 17mm (12mm for the worker) and 200mg ( 125mg for the worker) and lays 2000 to 4000 eggs.

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Some of the health improvements normally experienced when takingRoyalJelly are increased vitality and energy, stronger nails and hair and a more radiant complexion . Other commonly claimed benefits are stress relief, better digestion, improved liver function, insomnia alleviated, fatigue alleviated.

The nutrients include:
Vitamins Minerals Protein
A, C, D, E Calcium 8 essential amino acids (that the body does not manufacture, but needs to be supplied)
B1, B2, B3 Copper
B6 Iron
B12 Phosphorous Anti-bacterial properties
Biotin Potassium
Folic Acid Silicon Anti-inflammatory properties
Inositol Sulphur
Apart from the aboveRoyalJelly also produces a property that behaves like a hormone and stimulates the sexual glands and Acetylcholine (needed to allow nerve cells to function properly).

RoyalJellycannot be imitated by science or its beneficial properties accurately understood but there is over-whelming evidence that it improves health.

Royal Jerry